Catch us this Wednesday, August 3, at 7 pm right on Facebook.

I’ll jump on a LIVE with Eddy from Southside Productions for a heart-to-heart “LIVE Conversation.”
We will be sharing our stories in helping grow the dance scene in DFW. We have the same but different stories and challenges. Get a little insight as to the effort it takes to organize these events consistently.
We will be having a Q&A session afterward to answer any questions that you’re burning to ask.

See you there,🚨 NEW 6-WEEK KIZOMBA SERIES (sound the alarms)

Taught by a good friend and passionate dancer: Shika Jay.

Our friendship goes back many many years to a time before the covid. I think it was August 2014. I remember the first time I saw her in class and asked her to dance. She was timid and reserved- yet the fire was there. I knew she would be great and told her so.

She giggled meekly. She didn’t believe me.

To witness her grow and expand since then has been a privilege and something I have enjoyed. Shika has become well-versed and proficient in the various styles under the kizomba umbrella.

Along the way, she has also become a silent yet powerful force behind the scenes. Now she is the mastermind of the OneKiz Festival, which is one of the largest kizomba/urbankiz festivals in the country.

Don’t pass up this learning opportunity to get up to speed on kizomba as quickly as possible. She doesn’t teach much anymore so this is a privilege for our community. Please, do yourself a favor and take her classes.

Don’t make me beg you. Don’t make me beg. Fine! She will be teaching beside one of the world’s most sought-after leads and instructors: Derrick.

Although it may seem a bit dramatic. He is a home-grown talent with a love for the dance and culture and has begun to teach all over the world. Clearly, the world knows something.

June 22nd
Clique Studios
2650 Midway Road #234
Carrolton, TX 75006

Go to class. Then come show us your moves and progress at the next MondayNightKizomba.com.

See what I did there?
When you grow, we grow. Let’s grow together.

August 2022 #MondayNightKizomba Social was insanely good. But I failed at life. Stay tuned for the photos and story