Stop what you’re doing. Stop in the name of love. Stop, Collaborate, and Listen!
This is a full night of classes and social.
If you’ve been wanting to go to classes, but Wednesdays weren’t working for you- Tuesdays are for you. Every month there will be a new teacher teaching, cuz that’s what teachers do.
6-7pm Intermediate
8-9pm Beginners
This is all exciting stuff, right? But the most exciting part is the FREE SOCIAL after the classes.
Even if you don’t take the classes, this will be an excellent opportunity to practice and connect weekly.
In conclusion, we now have a new weekly class. And we have a new weekly social.
Dallas is about to BLOW UP AGAIN.
(Cuz we’ve kinda been blowing up for years, ya know)
HarrisKizomba is up first to teach in October. Come learn some kizomba from Redbeard. He’s a funny, passionate dude. Alan (his real-real name) just moved here and is eager to get to work.
See you there!
Teevee and The Passionate Collective
Next week I will interview Shika Jay, the mastermind behind this ambitious project. We will discuss the history of Kizomba & UrbanKiz in Dallas and how we got here.
Stay tuned for more information.