About Don Teevee

Teevee is a wise sage man he is. He is the mastermind behind Kizpassion. Passionate and dedicated individual dedicated to growing the kizomba/urbankiz scene in Dallas (and everywhere) Some may even call him a maniac. But he knows that this is the only way to make change and create a community that will thrive and grow. He especially loves to speak in the third person when writing weird bios about himself.

January 2020

Our Story


I'm going this time. I need to go. I keep asking my friends to come with me but they keep canceling. I'm so nervous and never done anything like this. But I know I need to step out of my comfort zone. I'm sure I read that in a motivational [...]

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The KizPassion Story | How The Dallas Kizomba/UrbanKiz Scene Blew up in 2019


šŸš€2019 was nothing short of epic for kizomba/urbankiz in Dallas. But it didn't start that way. At the beginning of 2019, we had 2 main problems in the local scene. We already had teachers that were rocking and teaching classes and some events were being hosted. But we still had a couple of [...]

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December 2019

Top 15 UrbanKiz & Kizomba Songs from 2019


This is it ya'll. The end of 2019. It's been a fun wild ride. Both BJ and I started to learn to DJ this year. I refuse to call myself a DJ until I get to a certain level of competence. But BJ! He's becoming one of my favorite DJs in the scene. [...]

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Iron Mams & Ashby Sweet Tarraxinha Demo


And now I present to you the Sweet Tarraxinha Demo by Iron Mams & Ashby at the OneKiz Festival in Dallas. Enjoy. Like Us On Facebook Follow us on IG

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Kaylen & BJ MPK Demo from #MondayNightKizomba Social


Check out the latest kizomba demo video from Kaylen & BJ MPK! Curious about kizomba/urbankiz? Been lurking for a minute and watching youtube videos? Join us for #MondayNightKizomba every 1st & 3rd Monday of the month. Mondays are no longer the worst day of the month. We have a free beginner's class from [...]

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November 2019

Kaylen & Derrick MPK Demo from #MondayNightKizomba Social


Voila! Check out the latest and greatest demo fromĀ Kaylen MpkĀ &Ā Derrick Wright Mpk. Fun, dynamic, and engaging. You should join us, maybe. Come for the dance. Stay for the community, connection, and culture. Join us on the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month atĀ Aldeez Caribbean Restaurant & Event Center. [...]

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