About Don Teevee

Teevee is a wise sage man he is. He is the mastermind behind Kizpassion. Passionate and dedicated individual dedicated to growing the kizomba/urbankiz scene in Dallas (and everywhere) Some may even call him a maniac. But he knows that this is the only way to make change and create a community that will thrive and grow. He especially loves to speak in the third person when writing weird bios about himself.

September 2022

Introducing DJ Beck


DJ Deck made his debut at #MondayNightKizomba on Sept. 5th. Angola is officially in the building representing the source code. See you at the next one on October 5th. (I'm shameless) Hit the links: https://kizpassion.com/mnk https://kizpassion.com/eventbrite https://kizpassion.com/meetup

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Over 100 People in the House.


WE DID IT! WE DID IT! Over 100 people in the house. More stories to come as I get around to editing photos, videos, and compiling my thoughts. Please post your selfie if you were in the house and participated in the "Selfie with a Stranger" activity. Tag [...]

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Houston and Bryan, Texas will be in the house.


Houston and Bryan, Texas will be in the house. Make sure to come look for me. Would love to meet you and introduce you to the community. Any new folks driving from anywhere to come see us- come talk to me. You will walk away a couple new [...]

Houston and Bryan, Texas will be in the house.2022-09-13T17:06:38+00:00

This is My Jam


In the parking lot. At the grocery store. In the self check out. “Screw you, lady. Go to the next lane. This is my jam.”

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August 2022

The Wonderful and Talented: Kells & Gil


They're so excited. And they just can't hide it. Meet your teachers for the LABOR DAY 2022- Monday Night Kizomba @ Aldeez Social. The wonderful and talented: Kells & Gil. Come early because it's going to be a packed house. Come ready to learn something new and meet [...]

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Slide Through


Have any plans on Labor Day? Maybe you should slide through if you know what I mean. Wink. Wink.

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Kizomba on Labor Day 2022


Oh snap! It's about to be lit af. #letsrollout Hit the links for all the details. Share with your friends and family. Or with friends who are family. https://kizpassion.com/mnk https://kizpassion.com/eventbrite https://kizpassion.com/meetup

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