August 2022

Kizomba Passion Worldwide


They come from all over the world to witness what we are building. Two Germans. One San Antonian. One young lady from Oklahoma (this was her second time down). Last MNK, we had people from Killeen, Houston, and Colombia. And their presence is a great way to gauge [...]

Kizomba Passion Worldwide2022-08-09T18:11:52+00:00

Join Us!


Ya feel me? Join the party. Join the movement. Unless you don't like fun.

Join Us!2022-08-05T15:37:07+00:00

LIVE with Eddy


🚨 BREAKING ANNOUNCEMENT 🚨 Catch us this Wednesday, August 3, at 7 pm right on Facebook. I'll jump on a LIVE with Eddy from Southside Productions for a heart-to-heart "LIVE Conversation." We will be sharing our stories in helping grow the dance scene in DFW. We have the [...]

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July 2022

Mission: Bring 100 People


I'm on a mission to bring out at least 100 people to our next Monday Night Kizomba @ Aldeez | AUGUST EDITION I've been making a heavy investment to ensure that I meet this goal. I'm kinda a fool like that. Would you like to help out? Invite [...]

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Closer than You Think


#MondayNightKizomba is much closer than you realize. Plan accordingly. Put it on your calendar now. Visit for the deets.

Closer than You Think2022-08-03T20:33:09+00:00

LIVE with Eddy – Clone


I've done my job, and they made it in the doors. I'm smiling. They're smiling. Life is good. Join us for our next Extravaganza. We have a free beginner class from 7-8pm. Free dancing from 8-11pm. Free hugs and smiles all night long. Hit the link for [...]

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Kizomba Classes with Shika and Derrick


You've come to our world-famous #MondayNightKizomba Social but then what happened? We didn't have consistent weekly classes for you to start learning. My bad. We got you now. We have two top-notch dancers and instructors teaching every Wednesday now. Wednesdays at 7pm at Clique Studios     2560 Midway Rd. #130 [...]

Kizomba Classes with Shika and Derrick2022-08-04T16:27:59+00:00

When the MNK Dancers are Killing it


I looked out in the dance floor and was blown away by the caliber of dancers we have in DFW. Proud of our community. I see you putting in the work and it shows.

When the MNK Dancers are Killing it2022-08-04T16:38:38+00:00