September 2022

Kiztensive | November 5th


Put it on your calendar now for November 5th. Classes+ Dancing all night long. Shout to Eddy( AKA DJ Hondo) of Southside Productions for his ongoing work to create learning opportunities for the community.

Kiztensive | November 5th2022-09-29T19:08:23+00:00

How Dallas Became the Mecca of Kizomba in the USA


Tune in for a heart-to-heart talk with Shika Jay. Shika shares more details on the new weekly classes she's hosting in Dallas, where she's bringing together many instructors to teach under one roof. (Although not at the same time) TwoKiz Tuesdays- Hit the link for more details: 2Kiz Tuesdays October Grand [...]

How Dallas Became the Mecca of Kizomba in the USA2022-09-28T15:51:06+00:00

Perks of dancing kizomba….


Come for the dance, stay for the community. Click the link for all the details

Perks of dancing kizomba….2022-09-27T18:37:55+00:00

This man lights up the room every time


This man lights up the room every time he walks in the door. Come meet him and many other passionate beams of light at #MondayNightKizomba. Hit the links for all the details.

This man lights up the room every time2022-09-21T20:07:17+00:00

Monday Morning Kizomba Mix with Teevee the Curator | September 19


If you find yourself in Dallas/Fort Worth at the beginning of any month, then you should come through and hang out with the hottest kizomba and urbankiz scene in the country. I said what I said. Hit the links:

Monday Morning Kizomba Mix with Teevee the Curator | September 192022-09-19T15:03:39+00:00

Class Photo


Post class photo. Free class at #MondayNightKizomba 7-8pm No excuses can be made. It's free.

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Selfie with a Stranger


Being the new person in the room is hard. Being a new person in a packed space with people dancing and vibing can be even harder. We believe that we have the friendliest and most open-minded group of people you will ever meet. However, we can do better. [...]

Selfie with a Stranger2022-09-19T18:35:22+00:00

Announcing 2Kiz Tuesdays!


BREAKING NEWS Stop what you're doing. Stop in the name of love. Stop, Collaborate, and Listen! Announcing 2Kiz Tuesdays! This is a full night of classes and social. If you've been wanting to go to classes, but Wednesdays weren't working for you- Tuesdays are for you. Every month [...]

Announcing 2Kiz Tuesdays!2022-09-15T17:01:48+00:00
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