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Closer than You Think


#MondayNightKizomba is much closer than you realize. Plan accordingly. Put it on your calendar now. Visit for the deets.

Closer than You Think2022-08-03T20:33:09+00:00

LIVE with Eddy – Clone


I've done my job, and they made it in the doors. I'm smiling. They're smiling. Life is good. Join us for our next Extravaganza. We have a free beginner class from 7-8pm. Free dancing from 8-11pm. Free hugs and smiles all night long. Hit the link for [...]

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When the MNK Dancers are Killing it


I looked out in the dance floor and was blown away by the caliber of dancers we have in DFW. Proud of our community. I see you putting in the work and it shows.

When the MNK Dancers are Killing it2022-08-04T16:38:38+00:00

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