I failed miserably.

I was aiming to bring in 100 to last night’s #MondayNightKizomba, and I didn’t hit my goal. Not even close.

We only got 80 people in the house. That’s good. I mean, look at all these beautiful smiles.

The energy was hyped. Out-of-towners were blown away. Oldies showed up to represent. Folks from other dances came to check out what the hype was about. And our regulars gave them all something to talk about.

I failed. But I guess you could say I failed forward.

Next one, though, the next one, we will have over 100 people in the house.
You should be one of them. Unless you were already part of the Passionate in the room last night.

Hit the links. Share the links. Join the movement.

FB Invite: https://kizpassion.com/mnk
Meetup: https://kizpassion.com/meetup
Eventbrite: https://kizpassion.com/eventbrite

Dang. These are some beautiful people.
See you on the First Monday of every month.