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Kizomba in Dallas

May 24, 2017: 
Kizomba & Urban Kiz Classes 

Come to class and learn more about it… and the first class is absolutely FREE.

There are not enough guys learning to dance, which is unfortunate since there are so many women eager to learn to dance kizomba.

No partner. No problem. 

Join us as we begin the next 5 week cycle of our weekly kizomba/urban kiz classes. Make sure to RSVP by submitting your contact information below. 

Come learn what the difference is between the styles and why it matters.
Learn the basics and start to develop your own personal style and movement while making new friends and learning one of the popular dances around right now. 

Our goal is to help develop an educated and competent social dancer by the end of the 5 week cycle.

Come discover why kizomba is the next big dance movement in the US and why you want to start learning now.

Your future self will thank you for starting on NOW!

Kiz Passion Dance School
1337 Chemical St.
Dallas, TX 75207

OMG! My husband and I had so much fun! Initially, we were just going to do the kizomba track only, but with the fun we had in both kizomba and urban kiz, we decided on both! TeeVee and Francesca are great teachers and made the classes fun! Highly, highly recommended!!! Come on out and enjoy the dance!

Tina E & Husband 

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