They come from all over the world to witness what we are building.

Two Germans. One San Antonian. One young lady from Oklahoma (this was her second time down).

Last MNK, we had people from Killeen, Houston, and Colombia.

And their presence is a great way to gauge how vividly we are showing up worldwide.

However, it’s the people in our own backyard that have helped build this legend. They all want to witness the magic.

They’ve seen the videos and photos.

Yet, they are still in awe once they walk inside Aldeez Afribbean Restaurant. The unfiltered reactions always make me giggle like a little school girl. Imagine jaws on the floor.

I was once told that hosting any event on a Monday would not work. They were wrong.

I have also been told that we can’t build a real “kizomba” community. We’re about to prove them wrong again.

There are simply way too many beautiful, hungry, and passionate individuals in our backyard(and surrounding suburb yards, too…I see you) for that to be true.
It’s simple math. I’m not really that smart.

Help me prove them wrong again.

Meet you at the top!

Teevee from the Mighty Kizpassion Collective

We will hit 100 attendees at our next MNK. See you there.