They say it takes a village to raise a child. I feel that this is true for growing a community as well.

So many people need to be given credit for their contributions.

Here are 4 (of about 12) individuals who help set the tone and energy for our events. I grabbed these four because we had time before the party got started and we have a selfie station.

Quanta can be seen leading the classes or choreographing performances so you see her face often and probably recognize her.

Charmaine, Leslie, & Nneka play strategic roles in supporting the events and content creation. You don’t see them in the spotlight as much. Except for here.

I was unable to grab other team members for selfies but stay tuned for spotlights on them as well!

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About the Author:

A wise sage man he is. Passionate and dedicated individual dedicated to growing the kizomba/urbankiz scene in Dallas (and everywhere) Some may even call him a maniac. But he knows that this is the only way to make change and create a community that will thrive and grow. He especially loves to speak in the third person when writing weird bios about himself.