I’m on a mission to bring out at least 100 people to our next Monday Night Kizomba @ Aldeez | AUGUST EDITION

I’ve been making a heavy investment to ensure that I meet this goal. I’m kinda a fool like that.

Would you like to help out?

Invite your friends. Invite that co-worker. Drag out that person that has been talking about coming “SOME DAY”

Tell them: Some day ain’t a day of the week.
Tell them the invisible dude behind kizpassion told you to do it. Blame it on me.

What if they say: Well, I ain’t on Facebook so I can’t RSVP.

I got you. Hit them with these links:
Meetup: https://kizpassion.com/meetup
Eventbrite: https://kizpassion.com/eventbrite

Tell them to come hungry and thirsty.
Aldeez Afribbean Restaurant is ready, willing, and able to host that many people. They got the food and the drinks to quench your thirst after wandering around this hot hot hot heat.

Well, then they’ll say: But I got two left feet.
Tell them: Yo! They got a free beginner’s class, and the leader of this thing had 3 left feet when he started. Now he’s hosting events. If he can do it, you can too.

But what if they say: Well, I ain’t got no money, man. Inflation and ish.
Tell them: Now you just tripping. Cuz it’s FREE! (unless you care to donate to the cause) It’s free to take the class. It’s free to dance til 11pm. It’s free.

Whew. I think I addressed all the typical objections and excuses people give.

See you there. Bring yourself. Bring a friend. If you ain’t got no friends, be prepared to make some new ones.

I’m out.
Teevee from the Mighty Kizpassion Crew.