#MondayNightKizomba @ Aldeez Photos

Ohhh yes! The good photos that made the cut from #MondayNightKizomba Social…

The inaugural of #MNK at Aldeez was a success. We have a larger venue that will allow us to grow. And grow we will. Bet on it.

Thank you to everyone who came out and even those that really really wanted to come. Make sure to join us for the next one on October 21st.

And we get to play dress up! Hit the link for details:
Monday Night Kizomba at Aldeez – Halloween Edition

We’re creating a movement! Can you feel it?

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A wise sage man he is. Passionate and dedicated individual dedicated to growing the kizomba/urbankiz scene in Dallas (and everywhere) Some may even call him a maniac. But he knows that this is the only way to make change and create a community that will thrive and grow. He especially loves to speak in the third person when writing weird bios about himself.