We weathered the storm and helped Aldeez move into their new location.

Seriously. We weathered a storm of epic proportions. We had multiple roof leaks in the building.

Yet no one stopped dancing.

These are the remaining people remaining at the end of the day. We had a fantastic high-energy class taught by Kelli & Gil. People fell in love with our new space. And we learned that there’s a beautiful patio area with a hookah bar. I had no idea. And we celebrated DJ Babyface’s birthday by dancing the night and the rain away.

Thank you to them and everyone who made it out.

If you didn’t make it, not to worry. Because we do it all again on the next first Monday of every month.

I’ll let you guess what the date is. But until then, thank you one. Thank you all.

Teevee and the Mighty KizPassion Collective