Over a year ago, DJ Hondo debuted at our #MondayNightKizomba Social.

Since then, he has become a massive creative force in the DFW scene. Becoming a top-notch DJ was not enough.

Hondo and his alter-ego, Eddy, are always looking to create dance opportunities for us to dance locally. His drive and creativity leave me speechless.

Meanwhile, I’m exhausted from running one social a month. How the bleep does he do it?

Then he decided to go bigger and launched a successful festival during the pandemic. His Love & Dance Festival made Dallas a prime destination for dance and connection.

Eddy! I mean, Hondo- thank you for the dedication and energy you give the community.

The rest of the KP team and I appreciate you.

Thank you,

Teevee from the Mighty Kizpassion Collective