🚀2019 was nothing short of epic for kizomba/urbankiz in Dallas.

But it didn’t start that way. At the beginning of 2019, we had 2 main problems in the local scene.

We already had teachers that were rocking and teaching classes and some events were being hosted. But we still had a couple of glaring problems.

  1. Not enough new people were discovering the dance every week and going to classes.
  2. We did not have a consistent place to dance with a fantastic turnout plus great energy and vibe. We just had nowhere to practice and grow regularly.

There has to be a solution in a city with an estimated population of 1.35 million people. We just need a few hundred active members in our community to thrive and grow.

I don’t think that’s too much to ask for.

Am I right?

In March of 2019, I decided to do something about it. The next 9 months have been a whirlwind of activity and fun.

Check out the video to learn what my team and I have done to help the community grow exponentially and build the foundation of growth that “can’t stop, won’t stop”.

Happy New Year beautiful people!

Thank you to each and every one of you who has helped contribute, who has come to the socials, who have believed in the dream and the vision I had in my head.

Special thanks to my team for being so supportive and willing to roll with my crazy ideas.

Extra special thanks to everyone who has collaborated with ideas (team, community, dance instructors).

Many of the things we did came from people’s observations and suggestions. Some I liked, others I didn’t. Keep the ideas coming.

Dallas is pretty cool and willing to work together.

Let’s make 2020 something that future generations will document as the tipping point for the explosion of kizomba/urbankiz in Dallas.

Teevee & The KizPassion Team

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