BJ the DJ Getting the People Hyped

This is it ya’ll. The end of 2019. It’s been a fun wild ride.

Both BJ and I started to learn to DJ this year.
I refuse to call myself a DJ until I get to a certain level of competence.

But BJ!

He’s becoming one of my favorite DJs in the scene. I’m sure there’s some bias there, but that’s how I feel. And my feelings are important.

We’ve played hundreds of songs this year. But below are our favorite 15.

It’s tough to have to only choose 15, but it was also fun.

Teevee the Curator

Some of these songs may or may not have been released in 2019. But we jammed and danced to them this year.

BJ the DJ

Teevee the Curator

BJ’s Playlist on Soundcloud
Teevee’s Playlist on Soundcloud