Kizomba & Urban Kiz Classes in Dallas TX 2017-08-03T13:50:22+00:00

“Do it with Passion. Or don’t do it at all.”

KizPassion is a dancing couple comprised of Francesca & myself (Teevee).

We  fell in love with Kizomba (and urban kiz, semba, taraxhina, afrohouse) and became determined to get better. This passion eventually grew to the point that we felt obligated to become even better so we could teach it in Dallas (and anywhere else we may be invited).

Kizomba is an absolutely addictive dance style that originates in Angola.

Be cautious. It will grab a hold of you in a way that other dance styles simply don’t.

The connection. It’s all about the connection.

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We no longer teach weekly classes. But we do have limited availability for privates. Feel free to message us if you’re interested.



Kizomba is an AFRICAN dance that originates in Angola, AFRICA. it has grown in popularity in europe and made it’s way to the U.S.

The connection within kizomba is what makes it special, yet challenging. 

This connection is what makes the dance addicting.